Friday, July 16, 2010

Weiwei-Week 5

This week I observed three cases.
The first one is called the "exicision of left axillary mass". The female patient had an over-grow of her left axillary and it pushed the nerves and caused pain. The possibility of malignant growth was eliminated because of previous diagnoses.
The second one is called laparoscopic cholecystectomy. The patient had a large piece of gall-stone in his gallbladder. So the gallbladder was removed by endoscopic techniques. Actually it was not easy to seperate the gallbladder from the liver, and there were some small hidden arteries which needed to be blocked before excision. After the surgery I had a chance to actually touch the gallbladder and I feel a solid sphere stone with a diameter of about 1cm in the bottom of the gallbladder.
The third one is a colorectal surgery. The patient had a colon cancer. She received several rounds of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The patient's condition was good, seems no metastasis was discovered before the surgery. The malignant part of the colon was excised, the edges of the tumor sample were dissected and sent to pathology labs to check for possible metastasis. The tumor was not in proliferative form, but ulcerative form instead. That's why I coundn't see the big tumor mass, but just the irregular inner surface of the colon.

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