Friday, July 2, 2010

Week 3 - Parker

This week I was able to observe Dr. Tewari perform a prostate resection on his patients utilizing the Da Vinci robot surgical tool. This surgery was especially interesting because I was able to view the surgery on screens in the operating room in 3D. The images I saw on the screen were the same images the doctor was using to perform the surgery. In addition, less invasive nature of the method was quite unique.
At the beginning of the surgeries the patients are prepared by making three incisions. The first is a slit in the middle of the patient’s abdomen and then two incisions are made on both sides of the abdomen. These incisions are fairly small, the first is the largest and only a couple of inches in length and less that a quarter of an inch opened. This is used to pull the extracted prostate through to the outside of the patient’s body.
The other two incisions are used to place the robot arms through; the first also has tools inserted there. The doctor uses controls and a 3D viewing screen to perform the surgery. Once the surgery is complete the patient is left with only three minor incisions.
-S. Parker