Friday, July 16, 2010

Week 5- Parker

Urology Surgery Women

This week I was able to observe surgeries that were preformed on women with incontinence issues as well as support issues with their bladder and rectum. These patients have bladders and/or rectums that are collapsing into their vagina. This is extremely uncomfortable for the patient. Issues with bladder support also add to incontinence issues.

The cause of these conditions is associated with child bearing. Child bearing results in additional pressure on the bladder and giving birth also stretches the muscles of the vagina and can weaken the structure in place to support the bladder and the rectum.

The surgical procedure that is used to correct these issues involves the use of polypropylene meshes as well as slings. The meshes are inserted in between the bladder and the vagina and support the bladder preventing it causing collapsing in the vagina walls. The sling is used to support the urethra tube. It is inserted into the abdomen of the patient just above the vagina and sits below the tube supporting it, similar to the mesh. The rectum impedance is repaired by joining the muscles between the vagina and rectum together with sutures to prevent further disruption of the vagina. The vagina is then tightened with sutures to repair the stretching that has occurred. The surgeon uses a two-finger width allowance when tightening the muscles.

S. Parker

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