Sunday, June 20, 2010

Week One -- Cooper

Its hard to believe week one of summer immersion has already come and gone. I spent most of my week getting my summer research project off the ground. The basis of my project is developing software that can make a 3-D reconstruction of the papillary muscles from MRI data. The papillary muscles are muscles in the heart that connect with the mitral valve through the chordae tendineae. I plan on collecting the MRI data with a new pulse sequence that has been developed by my lab -- it is a 3-D cine self navigating sequence. After I collect enough data, I plan to use a segmentation software that I am modifying, to do the volume reconstructions.

Besides starting my project, I spent some time this week reading Cardiac MRI scans with my mentor Dr. Jonathan Weinsaft. Dr. Weinsaft is in-charge of the Cardiac MR section at NYP. I found reading cases to be very interesting. It is challenging in the sense that not everyone's anatomy is the same, so from scan to scan, you have to really be sure of what specific anatomy you are looking at. What was in one position in one scan, could be somewhere totally different in another.

I plan to spend this upcoming week viewing a variety of imaging procedures other than MR. I find it important to view these procedures, since my graduate research is in MRI, and I want to throughly know what other modalities I am competing against. I hope to see some nuclear imaging, cardiac caths, x-ray, and CT this week.

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