Sunday, August 1, 2010

Farewell and Thanks! Week 7 -Yue

Still can’t believe this is the final week of our summer immersion term (It feels weird to pack since I haven’t unpacked everything from 7 weeks ago…). I enjoyed my new routine in the summer: patient consultation, surgical cases, grand rounds, ER/NICU shadowing, as well as lab work and learned so much from this wonderful experience. I would like to thank my clinical mentor: Dr. David Nanus, who encouraged me to learn about medicine and patient care as well as gaining important clinical perspective. I also would like to thank the clinical fellows, nurse practitioners, and nurses at Suite B (Solid Tumor) for their understanding and help. I couldn’t have learned as much without their support. I also appreciated the opportunity to meet Dr. David Abramson, one of the leading experts in treating Retinoblastoma. The time that I spent at the Retinoblastoma (RB) clinic has provided me a bigger picture of my RB research project in Ithaca. The morning at NewYork-Presbyterian Emergency Room with Dr. Jeremy Sperling was an eye-opening experience. I was truly impressed by the ER physicians based on their ability to triage and respond to life and death situations quickly and calmly. I also observed surgeries of a variety of fields during this summer that were very engaging and motivating.

My research project from this summer will hopefully lead to a manuscript with both biomedical engineering and clinical aspects: prostate cancer cell line characterizations (MDA-PCa-2b) and circulating tumor cell capture and culture from patient samples with known stages of metastasis, respectively. Dr. Nanus’s lab and our lab have also established collaboration based on this project and I look forward to presenting our results at the upcoming PS-OC conferences.

Again, special thanks go to people who organized the summer immersion and made all these wonderful experience happen: Dr. Yi Wang, Dr. Frayer, Dr. Nanus, Mitch Cooper, and all the doctors and nurses who let me observe in their ORs/ER/NICU.

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